War Thunder for

Multiplayer war simulator.

In War Thunder, aircraft, attack helicopters, ground forces and naval ships collaborate in realistic competitive battles. You can choose from over 1,500 vehicles and an extensive variety of combat situations many of which are exclusive. You can find yourself blasting your pursuers from a bomber turret, defending your teammates on the ground from an air raid with anti-aircraft guns, shooting down enemy planes with a firestorm from multiple rocket launchers, or trying to sink an enemy warship with a torpedo from a fast attack boat.

Features include:
  • Cross-platform gameplay between Windows PC, Linux, Mac, PlayStation?4 and Xbox One users.
  • Over 1,500 highly detailed aircraft, helicopters, tanks, warships and other combat vehicles crafted carefully from historical documents and surviving sources.
  • 80 maps representing the main historical battle theaters.
  • Intense PvP experiences in full-scale combat missions at various difficulty settings for all play styles and degrees of experience.
  • Rich PvE content including dynamic historical campaigns and solo missions.
  • Regular content updates including new vehicles, maps, missions and nations.
  • Astonishing graphics, authentic sound effects and beautiful music creating an atmosphere to fully immerse yourself in.
  • Create custom content for War Thunder and share it on War Thunder Live, with the prospect of earning real money through the Revenue Share Partner System!
Other platforms:
  • War Thunder on ps4
  • War Thunder on Xbox
  • War Thunder on Steam
Release Notes Version
Flight model changes:
  • Ta-152H-1 - wing profile has been recalculated to a "thinner" value , allowing delay in shock-stalling at high altitudes and speeds. Landing with flaps has become easier with minimum fuel. A bug causing motor overspeed at high altitudes has been fixed
  • I-225 - shock-stalling momentum has been delayed for thinner profiles (i.e. the rudder is more effective at high altitude and speeds)
  • F4E, EJ - according to the operation's manual, the speed has been specified (increased) at altitudes below 9,000 meters
  • F4U-1c/d - an engine bug causing insufficient thrust has been fixed
  • FW-190 (all series) - a bug has been fixed where the aircraft is unable to achieve overload over 6G at high speed with minimum fuel load
Aircraft and helicopter model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes:
  • F4U-6 AU-1 Corsair - the display of mounted armament menu items has been corrected