Warp Rogue

0.8b for

Gothic science fantasy rogue-like game.

Warp Rogue is a gothic science fantasy roguelike game. It features RPG-like game mechanics, recruitable NPCs, and a consistent theme.
Release Notes Version 0.8b:
  • Rewritten AI from scratch.
  • New RNG.
  • Improved pathfinding algorithm.
  • Mac OS X: Port working again.
  • Fixed crash after kill bug.
  • Reduced enemy patrol speed.
  • Remus lacked the Unique attribute. Fixed.
  • General Guderian now offers the Iron gate mission until you *really* reject it.
  • Environment of Mephisto's Fortress fixed.
  • Tactical commands fixed.
  • Recover no longer produces a message.
  • Linux: Port no longer ships with SDL.