Wikipedia Widget

1.0.0 for

Widget-based Wikipedia browser.

Wikipedia Widget is a dashboard widget for browsing the free, user-created encyclopedia, Wikipedia. Search for articles and view from the Dashboard, complete with pictures and links.


  • Compatible with any language wikipedia, just enter the 2 (sometimes 3 or more) letter code on the back. Defaults to English.
  • External links open in your preferred browser.
  • Click the 'wikipedia' button to the left of the search field to open the current article or search term in Safari.
  • The little '?' button to the left of the search field will pull a random article into the widget (Special:Randompage query).
  • Back and forward buttons with page caching.

Known bugs:

  • External links that include most unicode characters can't be sent to your preferred browser.


  • Set a time-out on page-grabbing.
  • Create a better looking collapsed state.
  • Add up and down scroll buttons at the bottom of the scroll bar.
  • Come up with a way to open the same article in another language, like the side menu of Wikipedia.org's interface.
  • Display a contextual menu when a link is right-clicked.
  • The current "temporary" user interface has lasted much longer than I had planned. This needs to be beautified.
  • Clean up and comment the code, to simplify the lives of those borrowing code for their own projects.
  • Fancify this page a bit, but nothing extravagant.
  • Put out a release significant enough to be called ONE POINT OHH. One of these days it'll happen, I promise.
Release Notes Version 1.0.0:
  • Moved download site from www.whatsinthehouse.com/widgets to wikiwidget.github.com
  • Fixed problem with displaying articles
  • More consistent caching location