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1920s aircraft combat game.

WingNuts takes you on a fantastic journey to over 30 real, (and not so real), locations and time periods as you hunt Baron Von Schtopwatch and the mysterious "Raina".

Play through time as you encounter enemies from the 1920s into the distant future. With over 100 real world aircraft, helicopters, blimps, tanks, ships and submarines, you'll never run out of things to shoot!

WingNuts 2 is a showcase for the graphics power of the Mac. Utilizing spectacular OpenGL particles and CoreImage time dilation effects, the game provides over 30 levels of aerial excitement. Upgrade your plane with more powerful weapons and capture wild power-ups like "Super Mecha-Mode" and "Escort Wing" to defeat the Baron's terrifying robotic bosses.

The long-awaited sequel to "WingNuts: Temporal Naviagator" (5-Mice/Game Hall of Fame, Macworld 2002), WingNuts 2 takes all of the action and wacky humor of the original and adds a compelling new story, gorgeous graphics, and tons of gameplay enhancements to achieve a whole new level of excitement.

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