Word Solitaire

1.1.1 for

Unique game of word creation and solitaire.

Word Solitaire...Look northwards and to the stars for a dazzling display of word creation and traditional solitaire!

Drag letters onto each other to arrange them into words. Flip over cards to expose more letters and complete the level by using all provided letters in the creation of words.

Acclaimed by critics and users alike for its unique gameplay, the original iPhone version of Word Solitaire has consistently ranked amongst the most popular word games on the iTunes App Store for the last couple of years. Inspired by its success, we decided to bring the high resolution sequel not just to your iPhone and iPad, but also to your Mac!


  • 20 FREE levels that are never the same twice
  • A comprehensive tutorial will help you pick up the game in minutes
  • A 250-Level "Campaign" will keep you hooked for months
  • Compete against users around the world on the daily puzzle
  • Configure a game with your own settings in Quick Play mode
  • Stunning displays of the aurora change each day
  • Keep track of your marks and achievements
  • All-new twists like wildcards spice up the play
  • Also available for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch!
Release Notes Version 1.1.1:
  • Several important bug fixes.