X Ball

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Breakout/Brickles arcade style game.

X Ball is a next generation cash based brick-out style game. Anyone who hasever enjoyed playing brick-out could love this game. You begin the game with1000 dollars in funding which slowly ticks down as you play the game. Whenyour funding runs out the game is over, so the faster you beat the levelsand the more funding you collect the better. Powerups can be bought withyour funding and stored for later use, make timing and powerup combinationsa key aspect of game play. There are many original ideas, including apowerup to place explosions, a powerup that makes your palette magneticallyattract balls, exploding bricks, falling bricks, and an army of enemies toget in your way. X Ball has 30 default levels with a myriad of differenttypes of bricks and over 250 levels in the growing library of usercontributed worlds. The full version could keep you entertained for days.

This demo version of X Ball is free to dowload and use. However, it is limited in that you can not play past level ten, on levels created by other people, or use the world editor to create levels of your own. When you register, you will receive a license code that unlocks the limitations built into this demo.

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